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 Comanche Trace Ranch Homeowner’s Association Loaner Program
"Something new, something borrowed, something blue"
While this announcement is not necessarily about a bride-to-be or a wedding, it is about borrowing or loaning items. Do you live in Comanche Trace? Do you have items that you don’t mind loaning out? Do you have an item that you only need once and would like to borrow rather than purchase? Example: You may have family coming for a visit. Rather than purchasing a high chair for the baby, you may simply want to borrow one from a neighbor or another homeowner in Comanche Trace Ranch. Other examples would be saws, yard equipment, golf clubs, etc. This is where the HOA website can come in handy.

We have set up a section under the password protected Members Only area that has a description of items available for borrowing purposes. The list also contains the contact information of the lender so that the borrower is able to contact the lender directly to request use of the item. The items are to be available only to Comanche Trace Ranch residents and are be loaned out free of charge.

Please refer to the Members Only section entitled Loaner Program for additional information and instructions for listing items you may want to loan or borrow.