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Managed Yard Maintenance Updates


Included Service specifications for all managed yards:
Front, side, and back yard: Mowing, trimming, edging and clean up during growing season and periodic mowing at other times for approximately 36 to 42 mowing’s a year. 
Fertilize lawn and apply pre and post emergent herbicide twice a year.
Mulch flower beds every year.
Spot treatment for fire ants.
Periodic weed removal from beds.
Fertilize and trim shrubs twice a year.  Treat shrubs for insects and diseases as needed.
36” Buffer cut for on-golf homes.
Lawn maintenance will be performed Monday-Friday and occasionally on weekends due to weather.
Current planned service schedule as of 9/26/2022
  • Monday- Tuscan, Carriage Home, German Cottages, Chateaux, Villas. 
  • Tuesday- Villas, Comanche Hills, Indian Wells, Shelton
  • Wednesday- Rock barn.
  • Thursday- Sales Center, Common areas. Start spraying pre-emergent.
  • Friday- Finish Spraying *Pre-emergent on all managed lawns and Common areas.
If everything works out, then we will be following this schedule unless weather affects it, we will follow it the best we can.
If you have questions or concerns, please email HOA yard maintenance supervisor, Alex Benitez:
Special Notice: 
*Weather permitting, on Thursday and Friday, application of Pre-emergent and Nutrient package treatment, will be applied to all common areas and yards in the HOA managed neighborhoods.
Please take the precautionary measure of keeping pets and small children off of grassy areas until dry and if at all possible, please water (after 24 hours) the treated area after the application to soak it into the ground where it will do the most good.